Modern Education Foundation Pakistan is a non-governmental and Non-profit organisation. It is established in 2014 in a small city in District Khanewal named as Mian Channu. Mian Channu is surrounded mainly by rural areas. Literacy rate of this area is quite low. Although traditional educational institutes exist here however proper technical and modern education opportunities are few in number. So there was need to fulfil this gap. This gap gave birth to MEF.

Roots of MEF comes from TCP. The computer point is an institute which was established in 2006. At that time, Computer was recently introduced to our nation. It was a thought of every common man that having a computer or operating it is very difficult for him. In this period of time, a computer was deemed to be a luxury only for rich and highly educated persons.

In the meantime, a person made up his mind of learning this difficult task and making it easier for others. His name was Azam Aslam. He spent two year on seeking complete knowledge of this latest technology. When he got complete grip on this, He started to educate other people mostly free of charge. His mission was only to educate our nation so that they never fall behind in any field. His hard work and enthusiasm became fruit full and eventually it became a trend to learn a computer in our own little city.

As the time passed, people were inclined to learn modern education. Keeping in mind the trench of interest, Mr. Azam gathered some founders and a management team. These founders gained the first mover advantage to introduce modern education in this city. They started this organization MEF in 2014 with supreme goal of modern and technical knowledge for everyone.

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