Visision & Mission

MEF is a rising organization with the motto of modern education for all. Its main objective is to make people learn to survive, to compete and to succeed in the modern world efficiently. Its management is not only keen to promote traditional education in rural areas but especially the education of modern time. People of our country need to learn the high tech world of current time which includes computer, internet, social sciences, research projects and modern applied physics.

To achieve this aim committed management and skilled staff are striving hard to grasp the loopholes for attaining modern knowledge. At the very first step, IT and technical education centers are established for diplomas Microsoft office and drafts man. Support, guidance and help is being provided in education sector from primary level to graduation. Next step will be to promote more career based knowledge so that people of Pakistan can stand on their own feet quickly and effectively.

To start this project in a small city like Mian Channu is the depiction of optimism of its members to start this journey toward modern education to live with pride in modern and continuously improving world. Where there is a will, there is always a way. As an organization, we are commencing a good step to eliminate the barriers for modern education and also promoting gender equality for its achievement without any prejudice.

This would be a good step to improve intellectual abilities as well as for constructive minds. Because it is the dire need of the hour to generate contemporary educated people in Pakistan who may serve it in future in a better way.

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